Tired of Deciding What to Cook?

Want to know how to incorporate pressure cooking into your daily and weekly life? Want to know how to use the pressure cooker and be able to adjust your favorite recipes to use the pressure cooker to make cooking faster and easier?

Is deciding what to cook a chore? Do you avoid planning because it’s too much of a chore? Hit the grocery store more than once week? Do you hate spending hours on figuring out what to cook each week?

So what if I say I will plan your meals FOR you? Plans that will use your pressure cooker to prep and cook. Plans that will show you how to incorporate the pressure cooker to make cooking quicker and easier. With a grocery list organized for easier shopping, including recipes and all the prep ahead plans/tips AND I incorporate pressure cooking to speed up all this cooking and prepping?

There would be plenty of real foods, none of that prepackaged, frozen nonsense. No thinking, just a plan, instructions and BAM you are done! 

Saves you at least 2 hours each week creating ideas, searching Pinterest and the web, and writing the list. And recipes you can make using your pressure cooker! No more wondering what to make in your pressure cooker, or how to make it. Lots of tips, videos, and recipes headed your way.

Sound good?

Okay then! Just sign up here for The Homemade Cook Community!

What is the Community?


It’s a weekly meal planning service where I come up with the ideas for what to have for dinner.


  1. Done-for-you meal plans to help you get healthy dinners on the table without hassle.
  2. Shopping lists with easy-to-find ingredients, organized for speedy shopping.
  3. Recipes for 5 easy weeknight dinners. And the archive of all past weeks in case you want to change it up or swap out dinners.
  4. Prep ahead tips and instructions for using your Pressure Cooker to speed up weekly meal prep and weeknight cooking.

Meal Plans the Easy Way…

Time is precious. Sitting down to plan meals and write grocery lists takes time. And we know how Pinterest recipes sometimes turn out! So I’ve done the hard work for you and giving you recipes I know work. While keeping things as flexible as possible.


Choose the format that works best for you…

Print  download the shopping list and recipes, print them out, hang them on your cabinets and take them to the store with you!

Access online from anywhere with an internet connection via our password protected website.

Save Them On All Your Devices to access offline. Keep a copy on your computer, iPad, tablet, iPhone or smart phone.

Your Meal Plans Include…

Flexible Meal Plans

Done-for-you weekly meal plans for 5 dinners.


  • Delivery via weekly email. So you won’t forget!
  • Meal Prep tips and Pressure Cooking tips each week.
  • Easy to find ingredients, and pointers on seasonal produce.
  • Shopping list organized into categories to make shopping a breeze.
  • Don’t like a meal? Visit our other meals plans and substitute recipes you love.
  • Homemade cooking does not have to be elaborate or gourmet. Simple real food makes the best food.
  • Simple real food is my motto so I pass those along in my meal plans and recipes. But I make it doable for you.
  • PDF to print or save to your computer and mobile device + also hosted online so you can access from anywhere.
  • How to get your money’s worth out of that pressure cooker, and how to use the darn thing. Videos, recipes, and tips on how to incorporate your pressure cooker into your daily and weekly life, to simplify meals even more.
  • All meals are planned with those long busy days in mind. The prep ahead ideas will keep you on track for those nights where you have no time to cook – literally!

PLUS, You’ll Also Get…

  • pressure cooker braised beefAccess to a library of How-to Videos showing you cooking techniques from poaching an egg to how to properly cut an onion. Making mealtime and prep tasks easy! Simple cooking lessons to make you a more confident cook.
  • Pressure Cooking videos to help you get the maximum benefits out of your pressure cooker and how to speed up cooking and get things done faster and better.



  • Access to a library of eBooks with recipes, specialties like: One-Pot Meals, Pressure Cooking Guide for Beginners, Meal Planning 101 and new guides launched each season.
  • Access to The Homemade Cook’s free and paid books, videos and cooking lessons.

Are You Ready?

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