I spend at least 2 hours a week planning meals. I enjoy planning and looking at and reading recipes. I have 3 food magazine subscriptions and buy others if they look interesting. So at any given time I usually have at least 5 food magazines laying around for inspiration. 
And I know most people do not find the joy in meal planning that I do. I am a little crazy this way. For most people it is more of a dream than reality to have weekly meals planned out.  I talk to a lot of people about food, and what everyone tells me is that they have every intention of planning meals they just run out of time. I get it, planning is the toughest part really. It can take hours to figure out a list of meals for the week. After that you still have to shop for all the food.
While I cannot help you with the actual shopping, I do have a new type of meal plan, to save you hours of planning. 
Bulk meal planning. Like bulk cooking, but with planning. Planning for one season/three months at a time. Twenty meals to switch up during 12 weeks.
The great thing about bulk planning is that a plan only needs created every 12 weeks. Twelve weeks, one season, three months, or every time the weather changes….depending on where you live. Where I live I can depend on summer for three months, winter for five months (this could be an exaggeration but it sure feels like it), spring and fall in between.
But I know that in the 3 months I am planning for, I can generalize the types of food I’m going to make. Whether it’s grilling, making soups or making meals with fresh produce, I can categorize the season of food, and plan out meals for that entire 12 weeks.
Then I don’t have to worry about planning each week. There are enough recipes that I won’t get bored with the food and little enough recipes that I am not learning to make something new, to me, each day.
Since we are at the the beginning of Fall it is the perfect time to start. Click below to download the 12 week Fall meal plan. 
4 Weeks worth of Meals, Repeat 3 x for 12 weeks of meals. Mix them up, follow along, or repeat your favorites! Even toss in your own family favorites in the mix for even more ease and variety.

Grab My Meal Plan